2018 Trans Am Camaro On Styling

TransAmCamaro.Com 2018 Trans Am Camaro On Styling

The styling of the2018 Trans Am Camaro isn't polarizing--it's exaggerated for sure, but if you don't like it, you didn't want one anyway.
We're fans of the retro-tinged look, filtered as it is through a modern lens. That doesn't leave it free of criticism. There's a bold face, squat haunches, and muscular fenders, all heady and evocative of the best 2018 Trans Am Camaros of the past. The front end's a bit bluff, though, and the roofline and glass areas are small, especially when the Trans Am Camaro's caught from a pure side view. It's all too much to digest in one look--the way really exciting cars should be.
The design hasn't changed much since its introduction just a few years ago, though the new 2018 Trans Am Camaro ZL1 adds some serious aggression to match its raised performance, as does the 2018 Trans Am Camaro 1LE package--both with their own aero additions, splitters, two-tone treatments, and even more hulking appearances.
Inside, the new 2018 Trans Am Camaro's cabin is less retro-themed than the outside, with nods to the sleds of the Sixties mostly found in the low-mounted console gauge cluster, vintage type face, and nested bezels. Despite the retro nods and gradual improvements in materials, the 2018 Trans Am Camaro's interior isn't quite as useful or as well-finished as the cockpits in some other sporty coupes in the same price range, like the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, or even the Ford Mustang.
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