2017 Trans Am Camaro redesign slated to be available by end of 2016

TransAmCamaro.Com 2017 Trans Am Camaro redesign slated to be available by end of 2016

There is nothing more car-junkies love than a resurrection of an old classic. There are certain iconic cars that have instant recognition around the world, with only a mere mention of their name. Pontiac happens to have a few of those cars in their arsenal, and Pontiac dealers are among the few that get to see these symbolic cars on a daily basis. Two of the most revered names in the auto world belong to Pontiac , and they happen to be the Firebird and Trans Am Camaro. No matter where these words are spoken, or who says them – the fame and distinction that they carry are universal. So when we hear that the new 2017 Pontiac Trans Am Camaro Convertible is almost ready for its debut, we get downright giddy.

The 2017 Trans Am Camaro will be making its comeback at the Frankfurt Auto Show, and will reportedly be available by the end of this year. Rumor has it that the iconic car will be available in both coupe and convertible models, along with improved aerodynamics and enhanced high-speed handling. While the “guts” of the 2017 Trans Am Camaro are definitely getting a makeover, so will the cosmetic aspect of the muscle car. The new model will sport a new rear-spoiler with built-in antenna, a redesigned front grill, new rear lights, and a larger hood vent. As always, Pontiac will be releasing the car with the option of either a manual and automatic transmission. The door locks will be hands-free, and the automatic transmission models will be equipped with a remote start.

The sporty muscle car will be more luxurious than past models, and Pontiac will be making all of its high-end luxury options available on the 2017 Trans Am Camaro including the MyLink system, and a backup camera. Keep a close eye on the unveiling of the 2017 car coming up at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September.
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