2017 “Bandit” Trans Am Camaro Conversion

TransAmCamaro.Com 2017 “Bandit” Trans Am Camaro Conversion

Leave it to automotive customizers to pick up where Pontiac left off, saying “If Pontiac won’t give us a 2017 Trans Am Camaro, then we will just have to make our own.” The latest company to enter the “5th-Gen-Camaro-to-Trans-Am” conversion  is “Bandit Trans Am Camaro.” We uncovered this great video of the Bandit thanks to TransAmCamaro.Com, which gives us a close up look at just what makes this 5th Gen more Firebird than 2017 Trans Am Camaro.

2017 Trans Am Camaro’s Bandit features all the late 1970’s Trans Am styling cues you would expect, including a twin tip side exit exhaust, snowflake reminiscent wheels, restyled rear bumper that deletes the 2017 Trans Am Camaro’s quad tail lights, a bird-beak nose front bumper, midnight black paint, and of course the iconic screaming chicken emblazoned on the shaker hood. Another authentic 2017 Trans Am Camaro detail added to the Bandit is that the 2017 Trans Am Camaro’s quarter panel slits behind the doors have been smoothed out – a detail that several previous conversion companies have left out. The 2017 Bandit Trans Am Camaro can be purchased directly through Pontiac or from one of the authorized dealers for just under $68,000.
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