2017 Trans Am Camaro On Safety

TransAmCamaro.Com 2017 Trans Am Camaro On Safety

Some crash-test scores are lacking, but the available data show the latest 2017 Trans Am Camaro to be more crashworthy than any before it--and better than some best-selling sedans.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) rates the 2017 Trans Am Camaro coupe at five stars overall, an excellent score for a sporty 2017 car. However, it hasn't yet tested a convertible--and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) hasn't tested any Trans Am Camaro at all.

The usual safety features are standard in the 2017 Trans Am Camaro, from six standard airbags, to anti-lock brakes and stability control, to GM's OnStar telematics system, provided with six months of emergency service.

Visibility is a liability in the 2017 Trans Am Camaro. The Trans AmCamaro's high beltline hinders visibility for drivers of more normal height, all the more so for shorter drivers. Rearward visibility is compromised for all drivers with thick rear roof supports and a small rear window. The 2017 Trans Am Camaro lacks a standard rearview camera and parking sensors--items it sorely needs, given the horrible rearward visibility induced by its coupe body style. They're unavailable on the 2017 Trans Am Camaro LS coupe, and optional on the next trim level up, but standard on convertibles.

Bluetooth is an option on some models as well. We think, given the prevalence of mobile phones, it's a necessity.

Pontiac redesigned OnStar's buttons and the 2017 Trans Am Camaro's rearview mirror this year, going to a frameless design that creates a little more viewing area. Any little bit counts in this case, as the 2017 Trans Am Camaro's rear glass and side mirrors are exceptionally small.
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